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Alan Miner-Berger, Founder of Peace Through Play Nursery School

"We think a lot about what we want children to know about the world,
and how we want them to impact positively on the world."

Big Tree

Media Free
Child Directed
Wooded Trails
Cooperative Learning



PTP has a new Director! Welcome Elisa Cordero!

Elisa Cordero is the new Director at Peace Through Play. She graduated with a Masters in Education in Germany 2014. She also teaches at the German Language School in Westwood on Saturdays. She has over a decade experience working with children and believes children need a healthy environment, like nature and fresh food......  


What parents and community are saying...

​Adam - Parent

​Jenad - Parent

Testimonial from Jessica and Sean

Peace Through Play is a rare gem! Alan, Elisa, and all of the wonderful teachers at Peace Through Play have created a truly special environment for the kids where they are surrounded by kindness, patience, and nurturing. The teachers and staff are fully invested in each child's wellbeing; they play close attention to each child's unique needs, preferences and temperament, never missing a beat. 


Whenever I hear the way that staff members speak to the children, it is just so refreshing and comforting. Every single interaction with each child is grounded in intention, purpose, and kindness. The way that the staff develop such mindfulness and self-awareness in young kids is incredible. 


Since starting with Peace Through Play, Ryan's school-related stresses have melted away and his imagination has soared. He genuinely LOVES going to school, and is excited to share with us every day about the friendships he's made and the fun activities that he's done at school. 


Simply put, Peace Through Play is the "village" that every parent needs in the journey of raising kind, thoughtful, happy humans.


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