As a recipient of the New York State Eat Well, Play Hard Grant to fight childhood obesity we are well aware of the need for all children to receive as much outdoor play and physical exercise as possible each day. 

This includes children with physical disabilities who benefit from the movement and camaraderie of physical activity. When the weather permits us to be outdoors we really take advantage of that time.


Peace Through Play Nursery School sits on two acres of tree-lined, wooded land, all of which is utilized by the children. Our playground provides enough space for any kind of physical activity which the children might want to engage in. At the far corner of our playground is the entrance to our Nature Trails on two acres of wooded property. Contained in the center of the playground is our state of the art Tree House. The playground also has a large and unique piece of climbing equipment for the children to enjoy.  We also have an Adventure Playground made up of materials that the children can use with their own creativity.


Located on 2 Acres

of Tree-lined/

Wooded Area.


Open Year Round!