Peace Unlimited

Peace Unlimited 501(c)3

PEACE Unlimited is a non-profit organization that operates Peace Through Play Nursery School.

It is an entity created to help spread ideas around creating peace in our lives and in the world. Through the sale of various purposeful items that will help "advertise" peace, individuals will become the means for putting forth messages to help transform the world in a peaceful direction. The more messages, the more thoughts of peace, the greater the potential for actions of peace.

Of course if it were all this simple the world wouldn't be in it's current state of problems. But there haven't been too many peace messages throughout history! This is just one part of many ongoing actions by many folks around the world to promote real peace.

To this end we have created Children's Peace Apparel. The first item is Socks With Soul – children's socks that have a positive message inscribed on them. Look to the future for children's yoga dolls, t-shirts, and children's peace pillows!
PEACE Unlimited is also an independent publishing company that will promote children's and adult literature and information that is useful in parenting, health and wellness.

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