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Peace Through Play Nursery School

8 Amber Ridge Road

Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977



School will be CLOSED THIS FRIDAY for Good Friday

School will be CLOSED April 7th and 8th for Staff Training Days

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We had a great Winter.....

....and we are so ready for Spring. Already we see buds on trees and sprouting all over the grounds. We're ready to bring it all outside and enjoy nature to the fullest extent possible.

To that end, PTP is part of a grant funded by the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum in Cornwall, NY. We took a school trip there last year. Now as part of the grant our staff will attend a workshop on April 7th (one of our training days, school will be CLOSED) and we will take a school trip to the Museum on May 25th - you can hold that date if you would like to attend.

We also were accepted as part of a Science grant sponsored by Child Care Resources of Rockland. We will be receiving technical assistance to add to our science curriculum. We have applied for another grant to fund us for science materials.

Music and art flourishes with your children at Peace Through Play. Miss Sue joins us every two weeks and the children have also been enjoying Mr. Matt who has been coming every Friday - two very different energies of teaching to the children but two that the children really love.

We've been doing so much art with the children - everything from modeling clay to group art to collage, painting and play dough. Now there is SLIME DOUGH. Soon we'll be taking it outside and resume our wonderful earth art. Utilizing nature in the most beautiful ways possible.

Outdoors in Nature

Since will be spending more and more time outside please remember to check your children every night for ticks. We've that they are already around in other locations. Soon we'll be spraying a natural product around the playground and trails that was very successful last year in keeping ticks and mosquitos away. CHECK YOUR CHILDREN EVERY NIGHT DURING BATHING OR BEFORE BEDTIME. We will be checking as well.

Make-up Days

We're sorry to say - but we cannot have make-up days at Peace Through Play. This puts a burden on the staff to child ratio and also is not fair to those who cannot do make-up days. Please try and stick to the days you have chosen for your child. If you need to increase or decrease the number of days your child attends school please give us some notice so we can adjust staffing accordingly.


The GOFUNDME Campaign is still in effect. If you so desire please send it out (again!!) and let's see who else would like to support our school. You can remind people that their contribution is tax deductible!!

Newsletter List

T his newsletter is an important way that we let families know about special events, important issues and daily activities that your children engage in. We also include photos in every newsletter showing what we've been up to..... IF YOU ARE JUST JOINING US AT PEACE THROUGH PLAY PLEASE RESPOND AND LET US KNOW YOU ARE RECEIVING IT. It's important that you stay informed through this newsletter.

School Calendar

The school calenedar is posted on our website www.peacethroughplay.com and you should have received a hard copy in your child's mailbox as well. Please let us know if you need one. AND....... please remember to check your child's mailbox several times a week for notices, reminders....... and your child's most current art work!!!

April Tuition

If you count the MONDAYS in April there are FOUR. That makes it a FOUR week month for those of you who pay monthly. THANK YOU!!! Some of you paid four weeks for February so you can add on for March - thanks!!

Spread the Word - Please Continue!!

The best source for families who come to Peace Though Play is YOU. Please spread the word - ask people to check our website and join us on Facebook. It's your experience here that gives other families the idea that they may want to join us. Thank you!!

We appreciate everything each and every one of you do for PTP - thanks for helping in whatever way you can.....keep spreading the word!!

Alan and the staff of Peace Through Play

A college student who attends yoga for adults at Peace Through Play wrote a paper for her course about how Peace Through Play Nursery School practices sustainability. You can read the article by clicking HERE.

Video: Alan on The Junie Moon Internet Show Live Out Loud

Read Alan's Letter To The Editor in The NY Times by clicking HERE

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