“Yoga, singing, dancing, the arts - and her favorite, the playground, all make for a happy child that comes home full of stories of what she did that day.”

                                                                      Natasha Bowker-Lunnecker

“I was planning on emailing you this morning, but you beat me to it! I wanted to thank you and the extended Peace Through Play family for hosting Saturday. I'm very excited about Georgia's future with your school, and after connecting with some of the folks there, I feel like I've found my "tribe" - as corny as that may sound. Like I've said before, the bonds of community are something that I care deeply for and want to nurture, and since returning to the States, I've been hard-pressed to prioritize them until now; time, family, so on, so forth. I'm very interested in your adult workshops and the space you're creating in that vein, so keep me posted with updates and I have a feeling you and yours will be seeing a good deal of us in the future :)! A beautiful week to you”

                                            Rachael Goss


“What a wonderful place Peace Through Play Nursery School is.  Every child is truly valued and respected.  The space that Alan has created is so welcoming, cozy and inspiring. I never worried about  my sons needs being met at Peace Through Play.  I was positive that if he was laughing, someone was laughing with him.  And, if he was upset or frustrated, someone was right there with him offering him comfort and guidance. Truly a special place that our family will always have such fond memories of.” 

                                                                       Heidi Vandiver


“We are so grateful that a preschool with such a sound early childhood environment exists in Rockland. Our two children have developed a profound joy of learning at Peace Through Play.” 

                                                                       Marc and Julia Jaffee


"Pre-school for our children like all other families was a serious decision. After being recommended to Alan and his group at Peace through Play we were given the opportunity to visit and see their philosophy at work. We immediately felt comfortable and assured that this was the perfect environment for our twin girls. Their transition was effortless. They come home every day with new art, songs and stories about their day. Thank you Peace through Play. We couldn't be happier." 

                                                                       Jason Trudeau


"Upon meeting Alan and his team we immediately fell in love. In those first moments we could already see their true devotion to the kids, their absolute kindness, compassion, generosity and genuine happiness to help our kids grow. They have proven to be trustworthy guardians and we are eternally grateful to have found them.

                                                                        Jenn Trudeau


“When we looked for a nursery school, we were looking for a place having good “software”.  In Peace Through Play Nursery School, Alan has the right background.  He is very caring, is sensitive to children’s needs and treats every child as a special individual.  His staff is also caring and instructive.  My son, Jeffrey, fit into this school very well when we transferred from another childcare center.  Jeffrey loves his school now!”

                                                                    Michelle and Hersheng Zhong


“I think yoga is key in this school.  It helps children find their individuality.  I love Selena’s school.  She’s learning to be more social and outgoing.”

                                                                    Christina Salich


“Alan and his staff are very kind, caring people, and the children love them.”

                                                                    Joe Zingaro


“A ray of hope for all boys and girls.  This school teaches children peace and love for all children of many different backgrounds and a deep appreciation to learn about his or her world.”

                                                                    Sharon Farkus


“When we were looking for child care for our daughter, the Peace Through Play Nursery School was our first stop.  Normally, we would check out more than one place, but it just “felt right”.  The wooden floors seem to give the place a quaint, old school atmosphere, yet you could see the finishing touches were applied with care, which is exactly how I would describe the staff...caring.  It’s teaching style promotes awareness of our world and each other as individuals.  We were fortunate to find this place.”

                                                                      Jackie Edel


“My first child is enrolled at Peace Through Play Nursery School, so this is my first experience with preschool.  I really shopped around.  I wanted the best and that’s what I have here at Peace Through Play.  I love the staff, the atmosphere and the program for the kids.  I am so comfortable bringing my son here.  He’s a better child for it.”

                                                                        Risa Silvia Koonin